Heroes vs X-Men - an ability comparison

Latest update: 15th of March (added more to the list)

Ok, so I have been watching the show called "Heroes", which in short terms is a TV-version of X-Men with a few important differences.

Heroes vs X Men
In X-Men, the various abilities like flying, telekinesis and regeneration are explained by mutation.
In Heroes, that distinction is explained by natural selection.
Although these 2 angles is more or less the same foundation - it is at least layed on us viewers differently.

Another difference is, that none of the 'heroes' seem to know about the others (and their abilities) to begin with. They are not funded and living at some fancy mansion either. It's just regular people, with no spandex uniforms or cool gadgets.
Most of them having a whole lot of personal problems haunting them to top it off.

What makes Heroes interesting as a show, is how it's all connected. The variuos people are scattered all over the world - yet they seem to cross each others path unknowingly.

Anyways - what I really wanted to do, was to create a list of the Heroes characters and their abilities - vs the X-men ditto.
So without further ado, heres a current list of comparisons (seen over a broad scale). Of course they are not 100% the same, but close - at least they share a certain amount of comparable abilities.

Hero character (role) Ability X-Men character / alter ego
Claire Bennett
Regeneration / invulnerability
Logan / Wolverine
Peter Petrelli
(Male nurse)
Copy other abilities Marie D'Ancanto / Rogue
Nathan Petrelli
(Congress candidate)
Flying Warren Worthington III / Angel
D.L. Hawkins
(ex-con, married to Niki Sanders)
walk through walls / phasing Katherine Pryde / Kitty Pryde
Micah Sanders
(Niki and DL's son)
Meredith Gordon
(Claires real mom)
Fire maker / psionic ability to manipulate flame
John Allerdyce / Pyro
Hiro Nakamura
(office worker)
Teleportation / chronokinesis
Kurt Wagner / NightCrawler
& Suzanne Chan / Sway
Isaac Mendez
(painter / artist)
Paints the future aka
Irene Adler / Destiny
Matt Parkman
(police officer)
Hears what people thinks ?
Agent supervisor
(played by Eric Roberts)
Evil agency agent (no ability) William Stryker / military agent
Niki Sanders & Jessica Sanders Dual personality / unhuman strength ~ Jean Grey & Dark Phoenix
Candice Wilmer Shape Shifting Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Zane Taylor Melts metal ~ Eric Lensherr / Magneto
Hana Gitelman
(Former Mossad agent)
Electronic Data Transception
Tessa / Sage
Theodor Sprague Induced Radioactivity ?
Simone Deveaux
Charlene "Charlie" Andrews
(diner waitress)
Eidetic memory  
(former company agent)
Invisibility ?
The Haitian
(company agent?)
suppression, Memory alteration ?

Feel free to correct me if im wrong. (i will keep updating this post)

More comparisons to follow...

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Thanks to "El Guapo" @ Connery for adding to the list.

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